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I give presentations and lectures in health, sports and adventure in combination with self development. My presentations are drawn from personal experiences with a clear emphasis on the outdoors and goal orientation. I have two main presentations, one about an earlier adventure on Iceland, the other about personal achievements.

The first one of these is called Iceland by Wheels, and is all about a three week adventure through the icelandic highlands. In order to successfully complete the adventure I had to properly prepare and set it up during six months. The presentation is geared towards individuals who aim to become more physically active, as well as companies who wish to streamline and inspire their employees. The other one tells my personal story, starting from my long distance cycle adventure through Europe in 2010, until successfully completing Iron-Man in 2016. The presentation aims to inspire people to start exercise and to take care of their health. Both presentations are flexible and the final outcome is often a successful blend of my aspirations together with the questions and the energy found among the audience. Other topics can also presented and discussed, for instance my trekking adventures along the road to St James in Spain (el Camino de Santiago).

The aim of these presentations is to inspire the audience to think and act in coherence with their interests and passions. In a company or business context such a presentation will also promote a better working environment, enhance the productivity of the company and inspire its employees to work in teams furthering the goals of the company itself. In an open-minded company environment where highly qualitative discussions can take place concerning life-purpose, passions and constructive methods to reach goals, positive and concerete results will also be more prevalent.

I offer flexible solutions concerning the presentations and lectures I give. Presentations can be given in both Swedish and English. Broadly speaking they can be divided into two forms;

Inspirational Presentations

  1. “Iceland by Wheels: Whats your Dream?”, geared towards individuals, as well as companies
  2. “An Unlikely Adventure: From Gibraltar to Iron-Man”, geared towards individuals, and groups, as well as companies who which to foster a more fitness-minded culture
  3. Other possibilities to be discussed.

Inspirational Presentation + Active Physical Training

  • Presentation about one of my main projects, eg. Iceland by Wheels or An Unlikely Adventure, meant to inspire.
  • Goal orientation, how to motivate yourself and set up routines and training schedules
  • A physical traning session, running/trail running, in order to take that first step
  • Physical exercise in combination with training theory


For information concerning possible presentations at your company or organisation, you can contact me directly here >> contact site <<. I continously read all e-mails. You can also contact me by phone, +46(0)72 976 14 84 (Sweden).

Costs and quotes depends on the layout of the presentation.



Presentations have been given at the following locations (in Sweden):


  • In Swedish or English
  • Flexible, from 1 hour upwards
  • Geographically flexible, eg. Gothenburg, Stockholm, abroad
  • For smaller audiences to larger company events


  • Health, Sports, Adventure
  • Self development
  • Motivational
  • Goal orientation
  • How to set up routines and schedules