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In order to grow we need to act

I work intensely with personal development on a daily basis. It is my profound belief that whatever goals we have in life, we can only reach them by first identifying our desires and interests. It is only then we are able to set up specific concrete goals. If we do not earnestly want these goals to be fulfilled, we will most likel never reach them.

In order for 2StrongArms and myself to progress and evolve, I am on a monthly basis noting down all my results. In this way for me, I am hold accountable for all readers and viewers. There is naturally a system and a method in place here. If you want to learn such a method see…

Three core projects


The project is about nursing, supporting, building, and in the end harvesting a strong self confidence and a high level of self-insightfullness. This is done through promoting physical and mental strength, especially through sports, the outdoors, and an active life style.

  • Through a physical perspective: I have organised my training in a well structured manner and there will be clear goals each year, including a healthy diet and an otherwise well balanced lifestyle
  • Through an inner perspective: More self-insightfulness and a greater self-confidence creates more physcological manouvarbility and removes mental obstacles of what is possible to achieve
  • Through an economical perspective: There is an increase in living an active lifestyle, and time is well spent in doing what I feel is interesting, rewarding, and where I feel a greater fullfillment in life

Sub-Projects of Freedom

The Iron-Man Kalmar 2016, is race consisting of 3,8K swiming, 180K biking, and 42K running. This event is held every year in the city of Kalmar, south Sweden. Info and progress report. 

Iceland by Wheels is a part of my examinations project, as a participant in the Adventure Academy, program, administered by the Swedish outdoors retail chain Naturkompaniet. It consist of mountain biking across Iceland, 700K summer 2016. Info and progress report.


The project is about being physically and financially free, and thus not being restricted to a specific geographical location. This will be done through research, such as in reading, studying, and taking after good examples, as well as being active in financial investments

  • Through a physical perspective: I am not restricted to a specific physical location and I have an overflow of financial means. In not being physically bound to a location, I have the possiblity to be wherever I see a personal an interest and wherever there are possibilities for further development
  • Through an inner perspective: I have greater possibility to travel and move, but I also have got rid of physcological barriers as I have a greater possiblity to take in new knowledge and experiences. My self-confidence and self-insightfullness is strengthened and there is greater general wellbeing
  • Through an economic perspective: An increased flow of economical means creates a larger flow of positive energy which allows me to pursue my interests even further

Sub-Projects of Freedom

This website is also my own company. I want to develop the company and be able to use it as a catalyst towards a more rewarding and better lifestyle


The project is about me being a positive influence in society at large and with people around me. This is done through inspiration of what is possible to achieve by setting good examples, but also through giving and supporting those in need, such as through charity

  • Through a physical perspective: In all areas of my life, and especially through sub-projects, I think of how I can be a positive influence and support for instance, enviromental issues
  • Through an inner perspective: My committement in this aspect of life will enhance my overall engagement in my other undertakings as these will be about something more than myself
  • Through an economical perspective: A higher purpose in my undertakings is achieved and thus and render these activities more valuable, which in turn increases my committment and flow of energy

Sub-Projects of Impact

Raising funds fighting cancer is done as a part of the Iceland by Wheels sub-projects. Donations can be done to the Swedish Cancer Society.

Through Ultreia-X, Iceland by Wheels, and all my endeavors I aim to inspire others so they can pursue their passions and live their lives to the fullest.

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Sub-projects of Strength

#1: Setting up a morning ritual

Timeline: The project begun 28 September 2016 and will be ongoing until the end of December, that is 94 days. At the end of every month, starting from September I will evaluate the ritual. The aim is to increase my energy levels and attain exponential results in all aspects of life. Hence, the routines involved are flexible, what does not work will be altered or removed. Structurally the end goal is to have set up a system that simply works.

  • Which five key components have I included in my ritual?

  • Have I got up from bed, at least 1h before breakfast?

  • Have I meditated for 1h, once a week?

  • Have I enjoyed a stable amount of energy or increased my energy levels? (compare with daily energy quote)

  • From 1-10 how well prepared am I for the rest of the day after my morning ritual? (10=highly prepared, full of energy, enthusiasm)

  • Which five key components have I included in my ritual?

What is it? A morning ritual basically consists of setting up routines, waking up early and execute these routines. In this ritual I include waking up around 5.5:30 am, exercise, meditation, self-development, set time for working on my projects and finally a healthy nutritious breakfast.

Why am I doing it? A morning ritual sets the standard for the rest of the day. It is the time when we can fully prepare us for what is to come during that same day, may it be meetings, encounters, work, exercise or anything else. The morning ritual establishes the miliue wherein the rest of the day resides. Meanwhile, the morning ritual is time devoted to my personal well-being and aims to expand my own ideas of what is possible to achieve. The way of accomplishing this is by focusing on personal development, physical exercise and meditation. Through an established morning ritual I will get more energy and gain more insightfullness. Moreover I will also increase my ability to streamline all my projects and sub-projects according to my whishes and my true self.


”With a set morning ritual I will greatly increase my exponential growth towards a more fullfilled happier self”


#2: Iceland by Wheels

Timeline: Iceland by Wheels begun as a project in February 2016. Its active phase involved biking across Iceland, a journey which ended up with a total distance of 890K. From August 2016, there are still some final parts to finalize before the project itself is completed. These include setting up a photo gallery, arrange a short movie and a final blogpost about the adventure.

  • Products nr of photos/film/articles/blogposts

  • Time h/m

What is it? A 790K MTB adventure, crossing Iceland, from northwest to southeast. The journey goes through one of the largest dessert and high plateaus of Europe.

Why am I doing it? To cross Iceland is a personal challenge and a tough physical test. Iceland by Wheels is about being capable to execute a greater and longer expedition under difficult circumstances without giving up, and with a large dose of determination. The project aims to increase my level of competence within the field of adventurism, to enhance my know-how in preparing and planning adventures and to set the stage for many more adventures to come. Iceland by Wheels will be done with a sense of ease and with a smile on my lips even at its toughest moments. At the end of Iceland by Wheels, there shall be a desire for more experiences to come. Iceland by Wheels is a source of inspiration for my self, but shall also be a source of inspiration to others. The end goal is to promote self-awareness, self-confidence, and goal orientation.


“I will through Iceland by Wheels boost my expertise within the field of adventurism ten-fold. The knowledge gained constitutes an invaluable asset onto the path leading towards my future dreams”

Sub-projects of Freedom

#1: Passive Income

Timeline: The goal from 2016, until the end of 2017 is to receive enough passive income to cover all passive expenses. Passive expenses are those which does not give any extra energy, essentially the necessities of life such as rent and food. My goal for 2017 is to have a passive income per month of 20 000 SEK, before tax.

  • Cashflow

What is it? Passive income essentially means to receive a return on investments. Receive enough return, and you will be able to use your active time to better use. The end goal is that the passive income will cover all expenses

Why am I doing it? The idea of passive income challenges the preconceptions of modern society, that is, having a secure, safe job for 40 hours a week, and enjoying a few weeks of vacation each year. Life is too short and valuable for such an approach. With a passive income I want to promote my possibilities to pursue my dreams in life for a more fulfilled existence, while also dedicating myself to my passions and interests for the betterment of all.


“Passive income is an essential and liberating step towards a more fulfilled life according to the wishes of my inner self.”

#2: Ultreia-x

Timeline: Ultreia-X is my website and company, set up in October 2015. The site will continously evolve.

  • Time h/m

  • Concept presentations given

  • Number of income funnels through Ultreia-X

What is it? Ultreia-X is a conceptual framework wherein I use my talent and interest in sports, adventure and health in combination with my interest for writing and usage of creative media. Ultreia-X is also my company, set up in October 2015.

Why am I doing it? Ultreia-X is a manifestation of my core talents and interests, essentially my passions. By displaying everything I do online through this site and other project sites I aim to inspire others. Moreover, by declaring my goals and how to achieve these publicly I attach myself to their realization propelling the attainment of my dreams even further. Ultreia-X is in other words a beneficial team effort between me as its creator and all of its visitors.


“Through Ultreia-X as a conceptual framework for health, sports and adventure, I live my dream and follow my passion”

Sub-projects of Impact

#1: Raising funds fighting Cancer

Timeline: The project is closely connected to the sub-project Iceland by Wheels. The goal for the fundraising is 35 000 SEK. The fundraising has been going on since around June 2016. The fundraising will end as soon as the full amount is reached. To donate, see The Swedish Cancer Society. For more information, see Iceland by Wheels.

  • Funds raised

What is it? Raising funds fighting cancer is closely connected to the sub-project Iceland by Wheels. The end goal is to raise 35 000 SEK.

Why am I doing it? My dad passed away in 2012, causing lots of turmoil within the family, shaking it to its very core. Ultreia-X is largely a result of his passing and my realization that we all, only live once. Through Ultreia-X, and Iceland by Wheels, I wish to inspire others so they can pursue their dreams. However, not all of us have the same possibilities. Some of us have to overcome life-threatening obstacles on our way. By raising funds to fight cancer I wish to be a positive force in this struggle and raise awareness of its impact on those affected.


“By raising funds to fight cancer I help those who need it the most while also promoting the need to live your life to the fullest”

#2: Sub-project Active Inspiration

Timeline: For the rest of 2016, and the length of 2017, my aim is to reach a certain amount of people, according to the following table. The site and the means by which to reach others will continously be developed.

  • Amount of positive feedback

  • Amount of people participating in presentations

What is it? Through Ultreia-X and all my endeavors I aim to inspire others to take action and pursue their dreams

Why am I doing it? My areas of strength and knowledge are within health, sports and adventure, with special focus on endurance. I wish to instill in others the spirit of exploration and discovery of this great planet of ours and of themselves and their capabilities. We are all great vehicles of achievement and the only limits we face are those we impose on ourselves.


“All people have great potential, if I can be part of their journey that is reward enough”

Results 2016

The following results are from the full year, 2016. These are my main achievements and accomplishments. They range from practical and financial issues to emotional and quite personal. I have chosen these specifically as all of them have been key in defining the year. All of them have been game changers in themselves. Combined, they have had a major impact in my life.

  • I have established and named my company, 2StrongArms
  • I have actively started to work with my passion, health, sports, adventure
  • I met a great girl, and dared to give it a chance
  • I successfully completed Iceland by Wheels
  • I successfully completed Iron-Man Kalmar
  • I moved to Gothenburg
  • I established a passive income generating system
  • I have got new energy to get to know people around me
  • I completed Balansekonomi, course 2, and started to work for the same company organising the courses
  • I successfully completed Adventure Academy

Celebrating all achievements for 2016 🙂

Results each month 2016

The very first newsletter, its moving forward!

  1. Started to exercise again, at a more serious level
  2. Skyped with a new student at the Adventure Academy
  3. Organised my closet with all my training gear
  4. Registered for Vasaloppet, Sunday, 90K
  5. Registered for Tough Viking in Gothenburg
  6. Registered for Barcelona Marathon
  7. Helped my mom with a list of good foods
  8. Invested in stocks, Zinzino
  9. Invested in the stock market
  10. Got a new delivery of balance oil
  11. Worked with Zinzino
  12. Organised my ebooks and publishing endeavour
  13. Expanded my newsletter and sent it, the first one 🙂
  14. Went out partying
  15. Updated info on Weibo
  16. Paid the first invoice for the flex office
  17. Met an old classmate
  18. Talked with an ex colleague of my dads
  19. Got my cover for the ebook, Gibraltar
  20. Started to take notes for my book about Iceland
  21. Updated the book after it was proof read
  22. Contacted venues for my seminars
  23. Checked my budget and investment plans
  24. Sent out a number of invoices
  25. Had some lunch meetings
  26. Tried out Military Fitness
  27. Organised a number of scheduled posts on FB
  28. Went to France to see my girlfriend and her family
  29. Visited Verdun, the green gorge
  30. Participated in a 22 push ups a day challenge
  31. Realised the importance of having my “own time”
  32. Registered for a coming Zinzino event in Jönköping
  33. Expanded my Instagram account
  34. Did lots of rest in France, lots of sleep-ins
  35. Organised a meeting with a cleaning company
  36. Met a colleague to talk about adventure, the outdoors, and sports

Heading home after a successful Balansekonomi kick-off

  1. Seen a number of episodes from Leo Gura, from Actualized.org
  2. Read the manifest, “The Avant Garde Life” by Jamie Bowlby-Whiting
  3. Set up a proper daily schedule
  4. Added daily kettlebell exercise to my routine
  5. Put together a short movie about the Iceland adventure
  6. Wrote a blog piece about how to reach your goals
  7. Finished editing all my projects and sub-projects, including motivational texts
  8. Updated icelandbywheels.se
  9. Finished the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  10. Cleaned the whole basement at home
  11. Successfully kept up my mourning routine thanks to my friend Matte
  12. Become a certified adventurer through Adventure Academy
  13. Started to run and exercise again
  14. Attended Zinzino events
  15. Put together a presentation about Iceland with Prezi
  16. Added a calendar function on ultreiax.se
  17. Had meetings at Chalmers for October
  18. Set and arranged all paperwork for Chalmers
  19. Met up with an old friend of mine for a nice evening
  20. Got a library card and borrowed a book by Robin Sharma
  21. Gave a test presentation about Iceland
  22. Went into town on two occasions with my mother and brother for dinner and movies
  23. Started to actively think about different income streams from Ultreia-X
  24. Did some translation work for my brother, from Swedish to English and Spanish
  25. Worked with seven different concepts and income streams from Ultreia-X
  26. Gave a presentation about Iceland for 65 people at Högbo
  27. Gave a presentation about Iceland for about 10 people at the restaurant Gävligt Gott in Gävle
  28. Did a longer run to the lake Surte, about 16.8K
  29. Started to be a bit more strategic with my Social Media work
  30. Sent out feedback forms after my presentations
  31. Got an idea and sent an e-mail to the Swedish East Indian Company
  32. Set up a meeting, and met my accountant through Skype
  33. Got some lean shake and set up an auto ship account with Zinzino
  34. Been in dialog with Bolagsverket about the company name
  35. Worked at a Balansekonomi kick-off
  36. Fully completed the Iron-Man project
  37. Set up a new project about morning rituals
  38. Integrated Youtube with my website
  39. Applied for and picked up my new passport
  40. Arranged and organised my room to a higher standard
  41. Did lots of accounting, adding invoices etc
  42. Talked with several people about Zinzino
  43. Sent out emails, and made phone calls about presentations at libraries and other institutions/localities around Gothenburg
  44. Attended the wedding of one of my best friends, and held a speech

Contemplating life, on a balcony in Hanoi, Vietnam

  1. Handed in my passport for a Chinese VISA application
  2. Arranged travel insurance, administration
  3. Arranged and updated my home insurance, administration,
  4. Been doing lots of work with my company name
  5. Searched for information about how to set up an online course
  6. Talked with a good friend about Zinzino and Omega3
  7. Called and talked with several libraries, preparing a number of seminars
  8. Done administrative work related to my previous position
  9. Fixed my MacBook Pro, with the assistance of a good friend
  10. Done lots of posting on Instagram
  11. Did a popular post about my consultancy job at Chalmers on FB
  12. Spent some good quality time with my girlfriend 🙂
  13. Again, realised the importance of being able to disconnect from work at times
  14. Started to run again, more systematically
  15. Finished a book about K2
  16. Went with Chalmers to China
  17. Went with Chalmers to Vietnam
  18. Visited the mausoleum of Mao, in Beijing
  19. Got to know two great colleagues while travelling
  20. Contacted Naturkompaniet about the possibility of having a presentation there
  21. Contacted a local, cultural venue in Angered where I might have a presentation
  22. Talked with a good friend about adventure ideas, possibly mountaineering in South America
  23. Fixed some issues with the ventilation in the kitchen
  24. Got good information about accounting
  25. Worked a lot on the book, writing, reading
  26. Studied Kindle marketing for Amazon
  27. Sent the draft of the book to my girlfriend and a good friend of mine
  28. Did a blog post about energy
  29. Have been doing meditation every day
  30. Did a number of runs in China and Vietnam, posted on Youtube
  31. Did lots of networking within the field of sports, health, adventure
  32. Started to consider and work with Weibo (Chinese FB, sort of)
  33. Celebrated my birthday in Beijing
  34. Met Brad, good friend since the Vietnam days
  35. Got a client for Zinzino

My very first time surfing, scary, exciting, great!

  1. Worked a lot as a consultant in Indonesia, visited several cities
  2. Finished my work with Chalmers, at Bali, Indonesia
  3. Tried something for the very first time; surfing, was bloody great!
  4. Did something for my very first time, my second time, surfing again!
  5. Did some accounting, administration
  6. Worked with mindfulness, or presence
  7. Disconnected from the online world, just having vacation
  8. Rented a scooter and drove around, lots of fun
  9. Visited the temple of Tanah Lot
  10. Spent some time with a bunch of French guys, super friendly
  11. Did some thinking about investments and finances
  12. Sent out my feedback-form about sports, health, adventure
  13. Visited Ubud, Bali
  14. Visited and stayed a few days at Gili Tranwagan
  15. Tried something for the very first time; Stand up boarding, great fun!
  16. Did some snorkelling, yihaa! Saw a huge turtle 🙂
  17. Went on a fast ferry across the sea, quite an experience
  18. Sent out a post on FB which has reached over 5000 people
  19. Changed the cover image on my FB page
  20. Got a flight ticket of France for Christmas
  21. Continued my morning and evening routine
  22. Did lots of Skype with my girlfriend 🙂
  23. Enlisted on a course in Kindle Publishing
  24. Got some good talk about Zinzino
  25. Spent some good quality time contemplating my business and its overall goal
  26. Worked on a coming newsletter
  27. Checked out alternatives to having my own car here in Gothenburg
  28. Did some investments
  29. Handed in my coat to the tailor
  30. Started to look for a yoga place, and a chiropractor in Gothenburg
  31. Started to go to the gym again
  32. Went river rafting, yihaa!
  33. Climbed a volcano, Mt Batur 1 717 m., wow!
  34. Finally set a name for my company “2StrongArms”, something my dad usually said, jokingly, when someone needed help. “-I got two strong arms, how can I help?”, fittingly, to a company dedicated to help and inspire 🙂

Traning session with my bike in Högbo

  1. Trained a total amount of 22h 55 min, total distance 154.5K
  2. Did Hellweek with Adventure Academy, a five day long adventure
  3. Worked on my Gibraltar book
  4. Contacted Smyril Lines
  5. Contacted a number of potential sponsors
  6. Worked with social media, especially FB
  7. Wrote blogpieces
  8. Participated in a business presentation with Zinzino
  9. Checked out my bloodvalues
  10. Sent a budgetproposal to local businesses
  11. Met Högbobrukshotell for Iceland by Wheels
  12. Did a number of active decisions
  13. Treatment with Mikael
  14. Talked with Mats about a number of partnership and business ideas
  15. Received a ticker from Smyril Lines
  16. Checked out rack solutions
  17. Tried Headspace and meditation
  18. Worked a lot on my arches
  19. Gave up my apartment
  20. Picked up my car at the mechanic
  21. Got an OK from the car checking service
  22. Last session with Adventure Academy
  23. Did research about Iceland
  24. Enjoyed myself 🙂
  25. Stayed in the same tent as Markus Torgeby, cool!
  26. Got an ok to use the Instagram account of the Swedish Cancer Society
  27. Got lots of equipment for the bike
  28. Attended an interview at Chalmers
  29. Brought lots of stuff to Göteborg
  30. Put up a number of ads
  31. Chilled
  32. Introduced a new morning routine
  33. Did two longer runs, 17K and 16K
  34. Went to stand-up with Jonas
  35. Tested my bike in Högbo
  36. Sent info about Iceland to P4
  37. Published a post on Högbo MTB-arena FB wall
  38. Swam out in Högbo, 2K
  39. Invested a small sum in a french vineyard
  40. Invested 1500 SEK in small businesses

Iceland by Wheels, What’s your dream?

  1. Iceland by wheels – completed! (specific result list below, main results)
    1. Biked 890K
    2. Biked from Sweden, over Denmark, through Iceland
    3. Meet people from all over the world on my journey
    4. Dealt with harsh weather conditions
    5. Used social media and marketing successfully
    6. Worked with sponsorship
    7. Caught ferry between Sweden – Denmark and Denmark – Iceland
    8. Demonstrated that it is possible to travel over the internal highlands with heavy gear
    9. Successfully crossed fords, small rivers
    10. Seen magnificent natural phenomena, geysers, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers
    11. Successfully done field repairs on the MTB
    12. Inspired others through my adventure
    13. Tested my equipment
    14. Enjoyed the adventure
    15. Seen whales
    16. Seen Reykjavik
    17. Spent time with a good friend of mine in Iceland
    18. Faced my own fears
    19. Not been stopped by my bad knee
  2. Helping my mom with her exhibition
  3. Taking down furniture and more in preparation for me moving to Gothenburg

Finish line Iron-Man Kalmar 2016

  1. Successfully completed the Iron-Man 20th August! Highly inspirational and rewarding
    1. Planned IM
    2. Organized all the gear
    3. Got a vindjacket and other necessary gear
    4. Tried out a wetsuit
    5. Studied the race course
    6. Asked for and got lots of advice
    7. Prepared energy bars, self made
    8. Visualized the finish line, even got some Freixenet in order to celebrate
    9. Arranged transport, car, and planned the trip to/from Kalmar
    10. Enjoyed the race 🙂
  2. After Iceland, I did a fast race to test my abilities, 4:33 average speed, running
  3. Took part in an article about Iceland, Arbetarbladet
  4. Attended a presentation about Zinzino
  5. Have begun to talk about the balance oil quite naturally
  6. Have been studying Zinzino
  7. Prepared a return of shipment for Wiggle
  8. Cancelled my internet, broadband connection
  9. Worked on my book
  10. Took part in an article in Gästriklandstidning, about Iceland
  11. Attended a birthday party for a good friend of mine
  12. Recovered after Iceland
  13. Started to edit photos from Iceland
  14. Gave a big Progress Party with all my friends before moving to Gothenburg
  15. Arranged hotell in Kalmar for 3rd September

Hike, Domarudden outside Stockholm

  1. Final meeting with Balansekonomi
  2. Tried climbing at Klättercentret, Stockholm
  3. Participated in a lecture with the Adventure Academy about photography
  4. Tried Perfect Money
  5. Had a Meeting with Rose Bikes about a potential partnership
  6. Sold my baking machine
  7. Talked with GD, the newspaper about Iceland by Wheels
  8. Went to Bikram Yoga sessions
  9. Began treatment with Mikael Edvardsson
  10. Initiated crowdfunding through Indiegogo
  11. Set up an account at the Swedish Cancer Society
  12. Recieved e-mails, and answered them, newspaper article
  13. Was in the newspaper
  14. Got my leave of abscence approved
  15. Attended a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  16. Sent out 300 e-mails through mailchimp
  17. Did a Pro-day, 1K swimming, 17.5K running, and 66K biking
  18. Hanged out with my brother and the kids
  19. Trained a total amount of 30h 47min, total distance 428.1K
  1. Further work with Iceland by Wheels
  2. Arranged a logo for ICB
  3. Set up a brochure, ICB to be sent to partners
  4. Recieved response from pressreleases
  5. Started to use Hootsuite for social media
  6. Edited video for youtube
  7. Trained with the local running club
  8. Started to write a diary, every day
  9. Met Mattias for a coffee
  10. Thought about other possible investments
  11. Contacted a number of potential sponsors, 10-15
  12. Contacted a number of local potential partners for ICB
  13. Helt out at the Balansekonomi presentation in Borlänge
  14. Adventure Academy sessions
  15. Recieved and distributed business cards
  16. Did more research about pressreleases
  17. Changed the way I see the use of cash
  18. Used lots of energy in my day job in order to focus on my own projects
  19. Had a progress-meeting with Johanna
  20. Added more measurable units
  21. Met Deri at Urban Tribes in Stockholm
  22. Met my “fadder”, for ICB, Johanna
  23. Met Flavia and Charles at the Bikram Yoga Studio
  24. Met a friend and hanged out in Stockholm
  25. Gave away lots of business cards
  26. Sent out press releases, 66 e-mail adresses
  27. Set up a meeting with Mikael, local chiropractor
  28. Wrote blogposts
  29. Contacted the Swedish Cancer Society
  30. 46 hours, 9 min training
  31. Total distance of 343.6 km, mostly running and biking, but also hiking and swimming
  32. Burnt 17 133 kcal

April, a bath, just outside Stockholm

  1. Balansekonomi, with invited guest, Johanna
  2. Friday evening after Balansekonomi, dinner with Johanna and her sister
  3. Adventure Academy, course in avalanche preparation and resuce
  4. Wrote blogposts
  5. Meeting with the local tax office
  6. Worked with accounting
  7. Massage and treatment with Mats, in connection with Iceland by Wheels
  8. Helped Mats with IT, website
  9. Put together material for the Stockholm outdoor fair
  10. Arranged a poster for the outdoor fair
  11. Arranged a presentation for the outdoor fair
  12. Skype call with the Balansekonomi group
  13. Visited an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time
  14. Planned Iceland
  15. Cleaned the whole apartment
  16. Started to read Napoleon Hill
  17. Arranged coming progress-meetings with Johanna
  18. Lunch with the local Balansekonomi team
  19. Attended the outdoor fair
  20. Recorded and edited videos about running in Hemlingby
  21. Worked on measurable units
  22. Put up some ads on Blocket
  23. Read a book on Blinkist
  24. Did a photo session with Ove at work
  25. Did the balance sheet for last month
  26. Had a Guinness with a friend
  27. Sorted lots of papers and documents, set up a good system
  28. Installed Dropbox
  29. Contacted Upworks and did a search for freelancers concerning angelescalero.se and video editing
  30. Tested blood for donation
  31. Exchanged ideas with a colleague about Iceland and sponsoring
  32. Wrote a pressrelease
  33. Set up a training schedule
  34. Invested in Toborrow, stocks, silver
  35. Checked out Pepins
  36. Gave some advice concerning setting up a homepage
  37. Contacted suppliers in India concerning books in leather
  38. Sold a small tent
  39. Did 37 hours and 6 min training
  40. Did a totalt distance of 279,8 km, running and biking
  41. Burnt about 17 986 kcal

March, presentation at outdoor fair

February, my first larger seminar with Balansekonomi

  1. First meeting course meeting, Balansekonomi
  2. Worked at first larger seminar with Balansekonomi
  3. Work interview in Gothenburg
  4. Training camp, Balansekonomi in Halmstad
  5. Added images on Instagram, for www.angelescalero.se
  6. Set up a more structured schedule concerning my projects
  7. Recovery day Sunday, Tuesday
  8. Met a new mastermind group
  9. Did research about online marketing and tools to use
  10. Studies concerning affiliate marketing, focus on www.wiggle.se
  11. Meeting with the ISN group
  12. 44 hours of exercise in February, 320K distance in total,
  13. Burnt about 18 489KCAL in 53 different trainings sessions
  14. Went to the first meeting with the Adventure Academy, powered by Naturkompaniet
  15. Did some portray photography for a couple of friends
  16. Worked on Balansekonomi and my projects
  17. Continued work on Iceland, and how to cross it by mountain bike
  18. Decided not to attend a meeting in Borlänge
  19. Have been spontaneous and meet friends for a drink, mid-week
  20. Been happier at my day-job
  21. Studied bike shoes
  22. Set up further plans for investment
  23. Did some proper thinking about decision making mechanisms
  24. Examined the idea of purchasing hand made books, with leather cover, to sell
  25. Continued doing research about the importance of recovery and rest
  26. Applied to become a blood donor
  27. Applied to become a member, active volonteer in Greenpeace
  28. Continued studies in LCHF, diet
  29. Set up a financial plan for March

January, on my way to Gothenburg to do some thinking, with “Blå tåget” a beautiful train reminiscent of the Orient Express. A bit on the empty side on this photo, but you get the idea

  1. Checked all my finances and investments
  2. Went through the application process to join AA16
  3. Did some thinking about how to prioritize between two equally important choices
  4. Workd with Ultreia-X, images, drafts (texts), layout, implemented social media, the logo
  5. Studied three episodes concerning precious metals trade
  6. Decided to focus on Iceland for my adenventure within the AA16
  7. Contacted a number of key persons for the AA16 application
  8. Fixed the logo for angelescalero.se
  9. Photographed my mother for angelescalero.se
  10. Added a blogpost on Ultreia-X
  11. Exchanged links with other artists for angelescalero.se
  12. Contacted 14 other artists for possible cooperation
  13. Reached out to GP Nöjesbladet
  14. Updated my monthly financial balance sheet
  15. Did some investments in small companies
  16. Got more things for the IM16 race
  17. Went back home to Gothenburg to do some serious thinking about purpose, meaning, and goal
  18. Set up an Instagram account for angelescalero.se
  19. Helped a friend to update his blog
  20. Updated Ultra-X, large parts (philosophy, company profile etc)
  21. Set up a new plan for this coming Spring and Gävle
  22. Found, and saved 20 different job ads in Gothenburg
  23. Set up a time management/focus assistance mechanism “water the root” system
  24. Went to a number of cafes, and focused on my projects
  25. Invested in the stock market
  26. Invested in aquiring trees for future payoff
  27. Invested in small companies
  28. Went to bed early five days straight
  29. Did some tough trail running
  30. Did 28 hours of exercise in January, 206K total distance
  31. Burnt 16 751 KCAL, in 40 different training sessions
  32. Compiled my own motto; “I am an active agent in my own life
  33. Used Google calendar for proper planning
  34. Accepted a job interview in Gothenburg
  35. Set up a morning routine for try out
  36. Sent my CV to a good friend for feedback